About slavica gANDENSIA


Slavica Gandensia (ISSN 0771-1395), published by the Department of Slav and Eastern European Studies of the University of Ghent, and under the auspices of the Belgian Centre for Slav Studies, is the only peer reviewed scholarly periodical for Slav studies in Belgium. It was started in 1973 by the professors Frans Vyncke and Jean Lothe, founders of Slav studies in Ghent, and has achieved considerable international acclaim in the meantime.

The periodical appears on a yearly basis and contains articles and reviews, as well as the occasional, more elaborate paper. The contributions cover a wide range of subjects concerning Slav studies: linguistics, literature, philology, history and cultural history. Some volumes contain the proceedings of conferences (for instance, the Belgian contributions to the four-yearly international conference of Slav studies).

In order to guarantee the quality of these publications, contributions are submitted anonymously to an international reading committee. Considering the international, scholarly character of Slavica , contributions are written in English, French or German (with Russian summary), or in a Slav language (with English summary).